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quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

Flight Paragliding - São Conrado

This tip is for those who have courage and for those who want to see the wonderful city from a different angle. The Sugar Loaf, in Rio de Janeiro, is internationally known as a point of flight, whether or delta wing paragliding.

Well, if you want to fly, shoot, shoot and especially aterrizar entire recommend a professional look. Our statement is the Judge Jr., Flight of Action. The guy is penta state champion paragliding, tandem category. No wonder it is known as DFLY.

Tell the time of contact that saw the hint here and get a discount pro flight.

Choose a sunny day, turn the guy says he saw a tip here and will fly!

Ah, just a reminder, when he speaks, Run!! Run !!!....

Run, but run it!!

Judge Jr. - DFLY - Tel: (21) 88343377

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