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segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012

Bar do Oswaldo - Barra da tijuca

The Bar do Oswaldo is a famous point of Rio de Janeiro since the 70s until the present day. The famous hits Oswaldo became the main attraction of this bar.

There are several flavors, where the most famous of all is perhaps the beat coconut. The marketing of the bar stressed that the beats were made for women due to its content tender and flavorful. This meant that the bar is frequented by beautiful women and exquisite taste.

Besides the traditional beats, the bar has expanded and incorporated into its range of options one also has traditional feijoada on Saturdays. Extremely tasty, feijoada is a trial of Oswaldo any type of diet.

Events that combine music, food and of course the famous beats are increasingly recurrent in daily Oswaldo.

Be a pre-night, a family lunch or any musical event, the bar Oswaldo is an excellent option for fun.

More information:

Estrada do Joá, nº 3896 - Barra da Tijuca - Tel.: (21) 2493-1840

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