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segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2013

Street Carnival 2013 - Rio de Janeiro

You guys at a carnival week and Tips from Cariocas could not stay out of this. The city always offers good options for those who want to play the carnival, parades of samba schools in the Sambodromo, carnival balls and good street carnival.

With each passing year, the street carnival of Rio de Janeiro has been growing and attracting crowds of people.

They occur in the south, north, west and even in the city center, just pick one and falling into revelry.

I like a reveler median always bet on more traditional Black Ball (center), armpits of Christ (Botanical Garden), Carmelites (Santa Teresa), slaves of Maua (center), Sympathy almost love (Ipanema) are in my opinion the best .

The link below a search tool to make life easier for reveler 2013. Just put the name of the block and / or the neighborhood and have all the information.

For those who will enjoy the street carnival this year better bring your portable chemical toilet, because if caught urinating in the street and littering the city goes to jail!!

Good Carnival at all!!

And if you drink, for the love of god, DO NOT DRIVE!!

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